Blue Light Glasses For Kids

In a world of blue light glasses for kids to hours of screen time at school, home and on their phones, tablets and gaming systems, it’s important to keep their eyes healthy. Blue light glasses help reduce their exposure to harmful man-made blue light that can disrupt their natural circadian rhythm and cause eye strain.

These lightweight, shatterproof frames are designed specifically for kids. They feature comfy silicone frames with flexible, bendable sides near the ears and come with lenses that filter out 99% of the blue light that is most damaging to the human eye. Developed by an ophthalmologist, these frames are also great for kids with astigmatism.

Kids’ Eyes Matter Too: Blue Light Glasses for Kids

While these glasses are made with blue light in mind, they also block the range of frequencies that can affect melatonin secretion and sleep regulation. They’re designed to be worn 2-3 hours before bedtime to help regulate your child’s sleep cycle and improve their melatonin production for better sleep.

While the best way to reduce your child’s screen time is by limiting it to a few hours each day, it may be unrealistic for many families. If that’s the case, then using blue light filters on their screens is an effective and easy solution. These non-prescription kids blue light filters are available from a number of different brands. To order, simply choose your favorite style and color and enter their prescription information online. If they already wear prescription glasses, you can have a blue light filter added to their existing frames as well.