How the Stage System Can Improve Your Deadlift Technique

The stage system is designed to provide an easy, safe and lightweight way of creating raised stages for drum risers, seated risers, production platforms or performance stages. It’s the world’s most portable and customizable staging system offering high load ratings in a modular, light and compact 4’x4′ platform that can fit into most cars.

Compared to single-stage systems, two-stage units have a greater energy efficiency and are quieter when operating on low. They also offer better humidity control by running at a lower capacity and drawing more moisture from the air during humid, summer conditions.

Modularity in Action: The Versatile World of Modular Stages

If you’re training for scary strength, the stage system can help you optimize your PAP (power-assisted pull) and improve your technique by reducing your pause at the top of the lift. This is because the heavy sets are performed first, which recruits more high-threshold motor units. The lighter set follows, which helps you get to the top of the lift faster. Then, you can repeat the process with heavier loads and better bar speed for the final few reps.

In the case of deadlifts, for example, a few sets at about 90% of your 1RM on the first phase of the lift will help you to perform a few more reps on the last couple of sets when you’re feeling really strong. This allows you to increase your max lift over time and is a very good technique-focused method of increasing power. This can be applied to other exercises too, such as the jump squat and bodyweight-only vertical jump.