Large Custom Canvas Prints

When it comes to showcasing artwork or photography, large custom canvas prints are the perfect choice. They offer a classic fine art feel and have a nice texture to them. They are popular for professional exhibitions and wall art, but also make great gifts for friends and family.

Are canvas prints blurry?

Depending on the service, some of them can be quite expensive for large prints, but they do have a wide range of sizes from small to large that will fit your space. They are printed on high-quality canvas that is resistant to fading and dampness. They are often wrapped in a protective layer and come with sawtooth hangers for easy installation. Most services provide several options for completing the edges of your canvas, including image blur wrap as well as black or white edges.

Photobox has a beautiful website that makes it incredibly easy to customize your images. It uses big thumbnails for effortless site navigation, and it’s very easy to select the options you want and see how your canvas will look. They also have a unique 110% satisfaction guarantee, which is an impressive offering in the industry.

Snapfish is another excellent option for large canvas prints. They have a wide selection of sizes to choose from, and they adjust according to your image resolution instead of forcing you to crop your file smaller than needed. They use water-based inks that are fading and damp resistant, and they have great printing quality overall. However, one of the issues we have found with their prints is that they can get a bit dimpled in spots from handling and shipping.